The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures | Author: Tom Jackson

Dive into the world's oceans, exploring sunlit coral reefs, wide open seas, and the murky depths to meet 36 magnificent ocean creatures.

Take a journey through oceans and seas to find 36 magnificent marine animals, from the immense blue whale to speedy flying fish. See fierce predators like the great white shark and orca, as well as truly bizarre creatures such as the giant clam and the sea slug. During your watery adventure you can find out how whales talk to each other, where sea turtles sleep, and how sea stars eat. Marvel at the hooded seal’s extraordinary air bag and at the humpback anglerfish's glowing 'fishing rod'. Learn how the sea otter uses a tool to crack open shellfish and why the queen parrotfish is an expert reef-cleaner. With stunning illustrations, intriguing facts, and full-color, poster-sized illustrations, this is the ideal reference for all the family.

30 x 23cm
80 Pages

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