Mug | Unitea | Kinto | 350ml

There's nothing like having a group of friends over for a fresh brewed pot of tea. But if you're looking to just make tea for one a whole pot can be a waste! Made from sturdy, heat resistant glass, the Unitea mug is the perfect vessel for a tea party for one. The coloured plastic strainer and lid allow you to add as much or as little loose leaf tea as you'd like and easily wash it, ready for the next tea break!

Kinto's Unitea collection is made up of interchangeable units made of heat-resistant glass, stainless steel and highly transparent & durable plastic, allowing you to create your own original range of tea ware. The Unitea range is composed of items with a unified diameter, which means the jugs, cups, strainers, and lids can be mixed and matched according to your taste. 

Glass & copolyester
Microwave safe (mug only)
Dishwasher safe (mug & strainer)
Designed in Japan

Wine red

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