Fourteen Poems to say I Love You | Author: Various Authors

How many ways are there to say the words "I love you"? According to poetry, the ways are countless and rich - with room for humour, lust, tenderness and a healthy dose of self-mockery.

These fourteen poems are not about love but declare it with an immediacy that's captivating and irresistible. Longing may be expressed using all sorts of images - there's even a riff on a famous Shakespeare sonnet where we find ourselves in outer space - but at the heart of all the poems is love and the urgent need to proclaim it.

Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Burns, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Katharine Goda, Nathalie Handal, Christopher Marlowe, Mary Mulholland, James Nash, Abigail Parry, Rachel Plummer, William Shakespeare, Penny Sharman, Dominic Weston and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

21 x 13.7cm
24 pages

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