Bartschland Tales of New York City Nightlife | Author: Susanne Bartsch

Susanne Bartsch emerged from Switzerland to captivate London's avant-garde scene before leaving an indelible mark on 1980s New York. Her iconic NYC boutique, the first to feature designers like Vivienne Westwood, ignited a transformative fashion-cultural movement. Devastated by AIDS in the early '90s, she conceived the Love Ball, raising millions for those affected and inspiring Madonna's song ?Vogue.? Hailed as the "nightlife equivalent of a couture label" by the New York Times, Susanne Bartsch's legendary parties persist in the cultural zeitgeist.

Dismantling traditional norms that fostered inclusivity in a vibrant subculture, these events have maintained their influence and significance four decades later. A blockbuster museum exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology, coupled with the documentary Susanne Bartsch: On Top, has firmly cemented her impact and enduring legacy in fashion and popular culture.

25.8 x 20.6cm
240 Pages

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