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1/ The Gardens of Stone 2015
2/ Quad Core (TarraWarra Museum of Art) 2012
1/Electromagnetic Composition for Building (Sendai, Japan) 2006
2/ Beta Decay (locked groove) 2010

The Gardens of Stone, 2015, is made from the radio scans of ironstone bands in platy pagoda rock formations in Carne Creek Gorge and Acoustic (Sunnyside) Canyon, NSW.
Quad Core (Tarrawarra Museum of Art), 2012, is a recording of a live performance at the Tarrawarra Musuem of Art that was based on computer CPU start-up sounds by way of VLF antennas and audio processing software.
Electromagnetic Compostion for Building, Plants and Stars (Sendai, Japan), 2006, is made from electromagnetic field recordings taken in the Sendai Mediatheque building, designed by Toyo Ito and nearby Nishi Park.
Beta Decay (locked groove), 2010, was first exhibited as part of a group show at BREENSPACE, Sydney.

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