Tissues | MCA Exclusive | Snot Block by Jon Campbell

Kick those snotty boogers to the curb while having a little giggle at Australian colloquialisms! Feel a sniffle coming on? Tell you friends "Maaaate, it's all good, I got me pack of Snot Block!".

The perfect way to cheer up sick family and friends, grab a pack for yourself or buy a 10 pack so you always have a gift on hand that says "She'll be right mate".

Designed exclusively for the MCA in collaboration with MCA Collection artist Jon Campbell- this is no ordinary pack of tissues. In Campbell's instillation work Stacks On, informal Australian slogans and slang were displayed on large scale light boxes and banners. To learn more about the artwork this item is inspired by Stacks On, 2010 click HERE

Pack of 10 tissues
Size: 10 x 5.5 x 2.5cm


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