The Quickening | Author: Ying Ang

Winner of multiple international book and photography prizes, The Quickening details the claustrophobia, myopia, paradoxical loneliness and luminance of new motherhood and the postpartum period.

Ang’s depiction of matrescence is layered and complex. Her images blend the gentle and soft, with a strain and rawness that becomes all-consuming. Velvety skin is enveloped in warm, delicate light. British Journal of Photography.

Riso and offset printed, this uniquely crafted book was published in a limited first edition of 250 copies, redolent of the number of days of gestation before the premature birth of the author’s son. Created as an editioned art book, each copy is signed and numbered. A variety of papers were used to reflect a complexity of perception and a soft french fold feels full and fleshy in the hands. A chaotic and varying bind with red string is a nod to the stitches used during the emergency caesarean birth of the child and no book is precisely the same.

French fold and section-sewn softcover with linen sleeve
28.0 x 21.8cm
90 pages

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