Ten Bedtime Poems: Volume Two | Editor: Germaine Greer

Following on from Ten Bedtime Poems (Volume One) renowned author and academic Germaine Greer chooses ten poems for our bedside tables. As she writes, "...the true bedtime poem is a doorway to the subconscious... . Dreaming is solitary but beds are also meeting-places".

All ten poems some of them familiar, all of them profoundly interesting and beautiful are connected to the tradition of poetry about sleep. "My ten poems are all central to our poetic tradition, and so can be relied upon to fire the most multifarious of chain reactions." - Germaine Greer Poems by WH Auden, Lord Byron, John Donne, Anne Finch, Henry Howard, Kathleen Raine, William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson, William Wordsworth and WB Yeats.

21 x 13.7 cm
24 pages


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