T-shirt | Cact Eye | LRG | Jeff McCann | Limited Edition of 100

Don't miss your chance to own a piece from Jeff McCann's brand new range CACT EYE - exclusive to the MCA Store!

The Cact Eye T-Shirts have been made exclusively for the MCA Store and are available in a Limited Edition of 100. Each t-shirt has a unique edition number, and features a bold and eye-catching work designed by McCann and produced in collaboration with the MCA.

‘The idea behind the Cact Eye collection comes from my love of plants and my inability to successfully keep them alive. I like the idea that when you are not wearing/using my pieces they can be displayed in the home.’ – Jeff McCann​

Jeff McCann works from his studio in Inner Sydney traversing a wide range of mediums including public art, events, fashion, wearables, workshops and illustration. ​​Working with primarily sustainable and repurposed materials, McCann creates playful and tactile pieces. He enjoys the challenge of taking what is considered rubbish and transforming it something of value again. 

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Designed by Jeff McCann for MCA Store
100% cotton
Unisex Size Large
Body width: 56.5cm
Body Length 78.5 cm

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