Strandbeesten: The New Generation | Author: Theo Jansen

The Hague artist Theo Jansen has become world-famous for his imposing and ingenious strandbeests, which are much more than art objects. They actually try to create dunes themselves. Taking his inspiration from the theory of evolution, Jansen taught his strandbeests to gracefully flap on the sea breeze or to independently move around on the beach.

Using PVC tubing, adhesive tape and PET bottles, he set out to imitate earthly creation in his own highly distinctive way in hopes of gaining insight into nature, a quest in which he encounters the same problems that faced the real Creator. His ultimate aim is to have herds of his creations roam the beach all on their own. 'Give me another couple of million years, and my strandbeests will live completely independently.'

33 x 22cm
216 pages


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