Stop the Presses: Russel McPhedran’s Golden Age of Press Photography | Author: Russell McPhedran

The second half of the 20th Century was the golden age of press photography. News photographers would go out into the field with their trusty camera, a handful of film and the voice of their newspaper editors ringing in their ears. ‘Get the shot!’

Russell McPhedran made his career by capturing that right shot at the right time. This impressive monograph showcases his most famous images spanning a remarkable career. Whether it was a world-wide sporting event, a film premier, a royal tour or perhaps an unfolding disaster, the right photo was worth more than a thousand words - it made the story - and had the potential of being published right around the world.

With important background information from respected journalist Norm Tasker, each photo represents an important moment in time - a time when press photography was an essential part of news gathering and some of the most iconic moments of the late 20th Century were captured on record.

Author: Russell McPhedran and Norm Tasker
25.5 x 25cm
208 pages

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