Silk Scarf | Nyilankurr by Mary Meribida | One of Twelve

This stunning 100% Silk Scarf features the artwork Nyilankurr by Mary Meribida.  A perfect gift of wearable art to adorn your neck, upstyle your hair, or hang on the wall in that special space.

Mary Meribida, the daughter of Rover Thomas’s sister Kupi, was born in Ilyara (Punmu) in Western Australia. The artist’s childhood was spent in the surrounding country, living a nomadic life with her family: “We been walk ‘em, no clothes, nothing. We proper bush people, no English,” she says of her upbringing. Things changed in the 1970s when severe drought brought her people, the Yulparija people, out of the desert in search of water. They settled in the coastal town of Bidyadanga (formerly La Grange Mission) on the Kimberley coast, where the artist now lives with her husband and fellow artist Donald Moko.

Yalta is near well 33 of 48 on the 1,800-kilometre Canning Stock Route, the longest former stock route in the world. It is located not far from the Percival Lakes in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. For the Yulparija people whose land this stretch of the route traversed, survival depended on water sites, making places like Yalta most significant. Here the artist depicts trees in blue, dotting the subtle pink and cream landscape, creating a delicate canvas that evokes wildflowers in spring.

One of Twelve is an Australian organisation that showcases the work of emerging and established artists from the Asia Pacific region. They are dedicated to celebrating and contributing to the art sector of this region through the production of beautiful, wearable art in the form of vibrant, 100% silk scarves. These scarves a produced through working directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres, whose important, empowering work is essential to their communities. Every artist that collaborates with the organisation receives royalties from your purchase.

110 X 110cm 
100% silk satin with hand rolled edges
Presented in a beautiful gift box
Accompanied by a card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.
Accompanied by a card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.

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