Shopping Bag | Museum Collection | Golconda by Rene Magritte | LOQI

Free floating figures. A grid without gravity. A marvel of men rising high in the sky. Belgian-born artist René Magritte is one of the important surrealist artists of all time - always challenging and questioning our perception of reality in wacky and witty ways. Fall in love with the falsity of representation with this shopping bag featuring René Magritte's fantastical artwork Golconda (1953).

LOQI fold up bags are fashioned to fit in with your lifestyle. Featuring artwork from artists all over the world, as well as masterpieces from the walls of museums, they are the perfect everyday accessory. Ideal for doing the grocery shopping, going to the gym, enjoying the beach, taking baby for an outing or travelling the globe! These stunning reusable bags are exceptional value, with a generous inside pocket and an additional zippered pouch, perfect for your extras. Stash your LOQI bag in your pocket, purse or handbag, so it's always with you. Their versatility means you can either fold up them for storage in the cute matching zippered pouch or quickly roll them up and clip them closed.

Super light - weighing 55g each
Super strong - Carry up to 20kg
Eco friendly - no more plastic bags
Material: Water and fade resistant polyester
Bag: 50cm wide x 42cm high (69cm with handles)
Inside pocket: 16.5cm x 14cm
Zip up Pouch: 11.5cm x 11.5cm

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