Seeing Saltwater Country | Author: Sally Mayman

Seeing Saltwater Country is an art collaboration between photographer Sally Mayman, painter Dale Kentwell and the people of the remote aboriginal communities of the Dampier Peninsula in Australia's north-west. Sally and Dale are based in Sydney and were invited to the Dampier Peninsula by Bardi Nyul Nyul man Albert Wiggan. There they met many locals of the region's remote Aboriginal communities, and collaborated with them on a series of portraits in landscapes that depict remote community life and celebrate the beauty of a place unlike any other.

Sally's sepia photographs sit alongside Dale's colourful paintings, both created with direction from each collaborator and with their accompanying handwritten message. At the heart of these portraits is a strong and enduring connection to country.

Author: Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell
28.1 x 22.7cm
104 pages

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