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This beautiful scarf from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre is the perfect gift, a very special artwork History Beneath the Beauty by Jan Griffiths Goongaja (2015) , it comes packaged in a box with information on the artist and their work.

Jan tells a story at Woorrilbem (a place that "holds a history") of where her grandmother would collect lily flowers, bulbs, mussels and other bush foods to take to her family. "One particular day she saw two strange men off in the distance who were tracking Miriwoong people to work for the station manager. As the men came closer, my grandmother slipped into the billabong to hide until the men were out of sight. The different coloured lily pads are my grandmother's emotions flowering through the billabong. The green lily pads are the original colours covering the history of my grandmother's story. The straight lines represent the calm relaxing billabong before my grandmother entered the water".

Artist: Jan Griffiths Goongaja
52 x 156 cm
Silk Paj
Australian made

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