Scarf | Silk Chiffon | Yab-yabbe-geni-nim | Waringarri Arts | by Minnie Lumai

This beautiful scarf from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre is the perfect gift, a very special artworkYab-yabbe-geni-nim (2015) by Minnie Lumai, it comes packaged in a box with information on the artist and their work.

Senior artist Minnie tells a key dreaming story for the ownership of Country around Kununurra (Yab-yabbe-geni-nim), where 'sugar bag' (wild honey) is found in the rocks. The plains kangaroo fought the hill kangaroo over this delicacy, scattering beeswax across the country - "you can still see the rocks there today".

Artist: Minnie Lumai
52 x 156 cm
Silk chiffon
Australian made

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