Scarf | Silk Chiffon | Milkwater | Waringarri Arts

This beautiful scarf from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre is the perfect gift, a very special  artwork Milkwater (2014) by Kittey Malarvie, it comes packaged in a box with information on the artist and their work.

Kittey Malarvie?s traditional Country is the desert landscape around Sturt Creek, south west of Kununurra and north of the Great Sandy Desert.  Layers of intersecting lines map the country along the river banks and interpret the transition of the seasons across a remarkable place of black soil and water the colour of milk.

In 'Milkwater', Kittey depicts a meditation on the multifaceted play of wind and light on water. The stormy crescendo of wind and waves stirs the dark river bed and the rainbow serpent who resides beneath, "the rainbow snake stays there, he keeps the water there until the rain comes." 

Artist: Kittey Malarvie
52 x 146 cm
Silk Chiffon
Australian made

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