Scarf Pukara by Monica Watson

One of Twelve is an Australian organisation working with art centres from across the Asia-Pacific to produce beautiful, wearable art in the form of vibrant, 100% silk scarves.

Monica Watson, Pukara © the artist
110cm x 110cm
100% Silk satin with hand rolled edges
All scarves include an artist's card, detailing the artist's work and practise 



Pukara is an important rockhole in Western Australia, south west of Irrunytju (Wingellina). It is where the artist was born. The site is surrounded by kaliny-kalinypa (the honey grevillea plant), a type of bush lolly that sweetens the local water.

In the site’s Tjukurpa (dreaming story), two resident Wati Kutjara Wanampi (water snakes), a father and son, tire of visitors and ask them to leave. After travelling themselves, they return and begin collecting honey, when a Wati Mutuja (black ant) finds them and spears the son in the side. The son starts vomiting up yellow and orange seeds of all different types of honey grevillea, still found at the site today.


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