Sake Glasses | Usuhari Daiginjo Set

This beautifully packaged Saké set includes two super-thin, mouth blown specialty glasses - sure to wow even the most cultured Sake aficionados. Specially designed for the enjoyment of highly fragranced saké such as 'Ginjo', the Usuhari glass takes is name from the spoke that rises from the base of the glass and its thin tapered mouth. In combination these features draw out the saké's delicate aromas and flavours. Shakethe glass lightly to agitate the Saké and release a wonderous world of taste and fragrance.

Finely designed and with a long history - hand blown by master craftsmen Matsutoku Glass in Tokyo Japan, a company that began producing super fine light globes in the 1920's. Usuhari glasses are produced with extreme skill to a thickness of 0.9mm. As with traditional drinking vessels, the finer the glass the better the resulting taste- these glasses are so fine they almost feel as if they are levitating in your hand! Presented in a traditionally bespoke paulownia (Kiri) wooden box, the Daiginjo is an excellent gift for the Saké lover in your life.

Made in Tokyo, Japan
Set of 2 Sake glasses
Size: 9 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (per cup)
Capacity: 250ml (per cup)
Material: Glass
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