Sake Glasses | Kikichoko Flavour & Aroma Comparison set

Across the globe lovers of Saké know that the rice based liquor is made in a seemingly endless array of variations - differing in taste, aroma, and texture. However few are aware that you can transform a saké's qualities simply by altering the cup that it’s served in.

A must have for the serious Saké fan - this finely crafted set of glasses has been traditionally made in Tokyo, Japan. The Kikichoko ( or Janome Ochoko) set is a favourite among Saké sommeliers. Kikichoko stems from two words – ‘Kiki’ (tasting) and ‘choko‘ (Saké cup). Therefore, the name literally means ‘Saké tasting cup’! The traditional blue rings that are set into the bottom (known as Janome or snakes eye) allow the saké purveyor to assess the quality of their drop. The blue circles are used to inspect the gloss; while the white circles are used to check the transparency of the Sake.

Included in this set are two differently shaped glasses (flavour and aroma) which again are designed to emphasise different properties of each saké - allowing for a full and satisfying sake experience.

Made in Tokyo, Japan
Set of 2 Saké glasses
Size: 9 x 6 x 6cm (per glass)
Capacity: 220ml (per glass)
Material: Glass
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