Rosemary Laing | Author: Abigail Solomon-Godeau

Rosemary Laing is a photo-based artist. Many of her projects relate to cultural or historically resonant Australian locations. With interventions undertaken in situ or through the use of choreographed performance work, she engages with the politics of place and contemporary culture.

The images Laing creates are suspended midway between fantasy and reality. They render the impossible possible. She achieves this not through digital manipulation, but through her ingenious use of perspective and lighting. Laing's works often appear in series, and this book surveys these series, from the witty and beautiful "flight research" to "a dozen useless actions for grieving blondes" and her bride series. Rosemary Laing presents a spectacular vision of Australia as both haunted by history and alive to the present.

25.0 x 30.0cm
176 pages


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