Robot | R1 Tank | Wind Up

The R1 Robot Tank is a mini reproduction of the original (and highly collectable) Nomura Z R1 Robot tank toy built in the 1960's. This small but beautifully detailed and super speedy wind up toy has robotic arms that move back and forth holding joystick controls! When you wind up him up he whizzes off with a lot of speed - just try and catch him once he is off and running!  Presented in a gift box featuring the original lithographed graphics, this is a retro classic for collectors and big kids alike!

Every tin toy we stock range begins its life as a flat sheet of metal, which is printed and then formed into the shape before being hand assembled. Across history most traditional toy makers around the world moved away from tin toy production, thus leaving only a handful of producers that still make them today.

Wind-up Robot with key provided
Size: 9 x 6.5 x 5cm (without box)
Material: Tin
Recommended ages 5+
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