Ring | David Greybeard head (chimpazee) | Wrap size N 1/2 | Matte gold plated sterling silver | Made by Lisa Roet

This luxurious and elegant David Greybeard head wrap ring is a shining example of wearable art, by Australian artist Lisa Roet.

Depicting the iconic chimp David Greybeard, this ring acknowledges the significant work of Jane Goodall and the chimp that was at the centre of her research.

An extension of her visual art practice, Lisa Roet’s jewellery collection reminds us of our connection to our closest animal relatives, by adorning the human form with a potent sense of the “Other”. The imprint of Gorilla and Orangutan skin is cast and then layered as jewellery upon the skin of the human wearer.

Size: 2.2 x 2.5 x 1.8cm
Materials: 24ct N18 matte gold plating

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