Ricky Maynard: Portrait Of A Distant Land | HC | MCA Catalogue

Ricky Maynard has built a career photographing and documenting the histories of Indigenous communities, primarily in and around his home in Tasmania. To look at a photograph by Ricky Maynard is to look into the eyes of Aboriginal Australia. His images are moments in time captured by a documentary photographer with a unique cultural insight; moments that shed light on the unseen and the unknown while provoking thought and questions in the viewer’s mind.

The works presented in Portrait of a Distant Land survey a broad range of themes and issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today. It includes photographs which document sites significant to Maynard's people: ranging from serenely beautiful landscapes which follow the song lines, tribal movements and historical displacement routes of his ancestors, to the confrontational and emotionally-charged images of Indigenous people incarcerated in the South Australian prison system. 

Together these works create a form of visual diary of multiple landscapes derived from collective oral histories of Maynard's people.

29 x 24.5cm
160 pages

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