Trench Art Cufflinks | Paper Planes Silver | Martin de Ruyter

These stunning Paper Plane Cufflinks are all one of a kind, handmade and hand painted by Photographer and Artist Martin de Ruyter in Nelson, New Zealand. Layered with historical meaning and symbology, each piece of wearable art has been created in the tradition of Trench Art, by repurposing found materials. This resourceful form of art making found its feet in the Trenches of World War I, resulting in incredibly intricate and beautiful pieces of creative expression.

Martins’ late grandfather James (Jim) Fisher taught him how to shape a three pence coin into the shape of a spitfire fighter aircraft. When Jim was 15-years old he would make brooches from English three pence coins during tea breaks from making real spitfires for the RAF in a factory near his home in Swindon. Jim met his future wife working in the same spitfire factory, where she too was employed during World War II and when courting, no doubt gave her a sweetheart spitfire brooch.

Trench art is the production of pieces of art made by soldiers, prisoners of war, or civilians where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences. It offers an insight not only to the feelings and emotions of their makers about the war, but also their surroundings and the materials they had available to them.

This fantastic range includes Poppies, Spitfires and brooches available online: Here
Presented in a stylish gift box
Size: 2cm Nose to Tail, 2cm Wingspan
Material: Repurposed Shilling coin.

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