Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit

Make paper airplanes based on the fastest, longest-flying planes in the world with 
the Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit! The kit includes paper and instructions for 16 original high-performance paper airplanes. Each plane is incredibly easy to fold, and designed to push the envelope in terms of time in the air and distance thrown.

Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit includes:

A full-color, 64-page book
Easy, step-by-step instructions
16 unique designs
48 full-color airplane folding sheets

The book opens with the history of paper airplane record-setters, followed by a fascinating primer on the principles of flight so kids can learn about the forces that enable a plane to fly and the properties that affect the duration and distance of their flights. 

Author: Andrew Dewar
26cm x 20.3cm
64 pages

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