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In this image the artist has depicted Thegoowiyeng (Kelly's Knob) - a Dreaming site for Miriwoong people created by the ancestral crested rock pigeon who flew from Thegooyeng (Black Rock Falls) at Ngamoowalem (Ivanhoe Ranges) and landed here. The sun came out and the pigeon turned into this hill. In the Dreaming, there were birds everywhere in our Country. The rock pigeon calls out "Thegoog! Thegoog!"

Behind Thegoowiyeng is a range of hills which is the area for Lice Dreaming. "When walking through this country, people brush the lice out of their hair. ?If you want to avoid lice, you don't go there. ?Some say a devil or spirit used to travel through this country."

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Artwork Thegoowiyeng by Ben Ward
Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre

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