Puzzle | Songlines Minyipuru | 1000 Pieces

Piece together this 1000 piece puzzle to unveil the genius and art of master acrylicist Mulyatingki Marney. Featuring her artwork Minyipuru, painted in 2015, this puzzle is a fantastic way to teach young minds about our countries rich cultural heritage.

The events illustrated in 'Minyipuru' (2015) by Mulyatingki Marney took place at Pangkal rockhole, a significant site. This site marks the beginning of the first Martu Minyipuru songline (or Seven Sisters).

Mulyatingki Marney was born around 1941 at Nyinyari, Western Australia. Following the death of her parents, her sister and her continued to travel in the desert alone, though at times they would meet and travel with other family groups. When her family saw white people for the first time, they hid from them in a cave until nightfall. With the construction of the Canning Stock Route in 1910, they increasingly came into contact with European and Martu drovers travelling along the Route. Finally, following an extreme and prolonged drought, Mulyatingki’s family walked into Balfour Downs Station, where they were collected by mission staff and taken to Jigalong Mission. They were one of the last families to leave the desert. 

Puzzle pieces come packaged in a sturdy and easy-to-wrap box, perfect for gifting and storage. On completion frame the puzzle and display it as an important piece of Indigenous Art in your home. Or pull it apart and start the fun all over!

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