Puzzle | Peggy Griffiths | Waringarri Arts | 100 Pieces

Recreate one of Peggy Griffiths beautiful renditions of Jalin Country with this 100 piece puzzle set - magnetic so you can slowly put it together when passing the fridge or keep it safe on a metal surface.

Peggy Griffith's arts practice reflects her strong commitment to her Miriwoong culture.  Her elegant imagery resonates with references to cultural performance of which she is a renowned dancer.  The winding of waterways are the sinuous and graceful body movements of a dancer; the outlining dotting reflects a performer's body painting.  Her works document the traditional country of her mother and grandfather and her recent works capture the movement of wind through the spinifex country which for the artist is evidence that the spirit of culture is alive.

100 Piece Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle
Artist - Peggy Griffiths of Jalin Country
made by Waringarri Aboriginal Arts 

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