Puzzle | Old Masters Dawidi | 1000 piece

Piece together this 1000 piece puzzle to unveil the genius and art of master bark artist Dawidi. Featuring his artwork Dilly Bag Fish Trap (1966), this puzzle is a fantastic way to teach young minds about our countries rich cultural heritage. Dawidi’s major subject is the Wägilak Sisters story, this intricate and vibrant ochre on bark painting depicts a fish trap made by the sisters to catch catfish and at the top two mosquito sting totems (Rangga) are shown, together with water goannas, catfish and a file snake.

Dawidi (Galwanuk clan, Liyagalawumirr language, Dhuwa moiety) was born in 1921, in Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Upon the event of his father's death in 1956, Dawidi inherited the role of ritual leader of the Liyagalawumirr. Too inexperienced to assume full responsibility for the role at the time, he was aided by his uncle, Tom Djäwa. He received guidance and tutoring in art by Dhawadanygulili (1900–1976) until about 1963.

The puzzle pieces come packaged in a sturdy and easy-to-wrap box, perfect for gifting and storage. On completion, frame the puzzle and display it as an important piece of Indigenous Art in your home. Or pull it apart and start the fun all over!

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