Primavera at 25: MCA Collection

Primavera at 25: MCA Collection celebrates twenty-five years of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s Primavera exhibition. Taking this significant milestone as a departure point, the exhibition Primavera at 25 brought together works from the MCA Collection by 22 artists and artist groups, who had previously exhibited in Primavera, that explored ideas of transformation, time and history.

Established in 1992, Primavera showcases the work of young Australian artists aged 35 years and under. One of the longest-running exhibition series in the country, Primavera has become a significant platform for early career artists. Over 206 artists have exhibited in the annual exhibition between 1992 and 2016. Primavera artists have gone on to exhibit both nationally and internationally, to become influential educators, and to play a significant role in the development of contemporary art practice in Australia.

Primavera at 25: MCA Collection artists include: Abdul Abdullah (Primavera 2015), James Angus (Primavera 1992), Rebecca Baumann (Primavera 2011), Barbara Cleveland (Primavera 2011), Heather Douglas (Primavera 2015), Mikala Dwyer (Primavera 1992 and guest curator Primavera 2014), Shaun Gladwell (Primavera 2003), Agatha Gothe-Snape (Primavera 2010), David Griggs (Primavera 2006), Nicholas Mangan (Primavera 2004), Ross Manning (Primavera 2009), Danie Mellor (Primavera 2005), Yukultji Napangati (Primavera 2005), Nell (Primavera 1999), David Noonan (Primavera 1999), Sangeeta Sandrasegar (Primavera 2004), Tim Silver (Primavera 2002), Gemma Smith (Primavera 2008), Emma White (Primavera 2010), Pedro Wonaeamirri (Primavera 2005), Simon Yates (Primavera 2006) and Constanze Zikos (Primavera 1992).

21 x 26cm
167 pages

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