Il Giardino di Olindo | Author: Olindo Polo

“Part word, part picture, Il Giardino di Olindo conjures the narrative of a neglected genre: aesthetic impulses bring the strategies of literature, lyricism, poetry, and incisive description into the medium of photography, or better, onto the flat glass of a photocopying machine. A fig leaf, shrivelled cucumbers, the broad blade of a hand tool, washers and hose connectors – through light, heat, chemicals and electrostatic charges, we are offered a glimpse of a gardener’s life: the plants, weeds, bugs, birds, and soil, that imbricate life in a series of daily routines and struggles. A pensive and beautiful homage to a form of horticultural quietism in precarious times.” — Emilia Terracciano, author of Art and Emergency: Modernism in Twentieth Century India

“Memories, associations, and knowledge from earth covered hands grow like sprouts and roots, connecting and burrowing deep. Il Giardino di Olindo offers a glimpse into a long and changing aliveness.” — Thalia Alington-Wood, The Warburg Institute, London

Paper bound
21 x 15.5 cm
86 pages


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