Practical Color Combinations: A Resource Book | Author: Naomi Kuno

Practical Color Combinations introduces 125 color palettes that have each been created using approximately ten different individual colors.

These color palettes are categorized by images usually associated with each color scheme. Nearly 1,100 individual colors are introduced in this book and the CMYK and RGB values of each color used are specified. A total of 2,500 unique color combination samples are offered by presenting two-, three-, four-, and five-color combinations.

Each color palette featured is accompanied by a clear explanation of the meaning of each color used, important points about the colors, and even a list of useful phrases describing each color to help with presentations.

Practical Color Combinations also includes a keyword index of 15 categories--including flowers, trees, animals, insects, fish, cooking, drinks, jewelry, minerals, clothes, traditions, art, music, myths/legends, science and nature, daily necessities, general goods, trends, sports, etc., which enables convenient searching for ready-to-use colors and color combinations. 


170 x 170 x 17.78 mm

304 Pages