Porcelain Magnet | Big Metal Tree Washing Line

Skimming Stones pay homage to another classic Australian icon with this stunning magnet, the Hills Hoist! In the 1950's and 1960's most Australian homes had a Hills Hoist. The idea was first dreamt up in 1895 but was designed in 1925 and only started being sold by Lance Hill in 1947, who built them in his backyard. They became popular in the 1960's during the housing boom after the Second World War and families have been using this big metal tree for drying clothes since. A true icon of Aussie suburbia!

Skimming Stones was established by Tony and Yen in 2012 with a focus on cross-cultural creativity - traditional Japanese ceramics meet re-interpreted Australian Iconography. The design duo make homewares and accessories for the modern world - dedicated to creating design-led products that are unique, meaningful and with timelessness. Drawing on 400 years of traditional Japanese porcelain, their unique homewares are designed in Melbourne and crafted in Arita, Japan. Arita is known as the home of Imari porcelain, internationally the most famous type of Japanese pottery. The distinctive Japanese Arita porcelain is renowned for its superb quality and the tradition of porcelain making dating back to 1616.

Size: 4cm diameter
Materials: Arita porcelain with a traditional blue and white cobalt oxide underglaze

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