Planktonium: An Unseen World | Author: Jan van Ijken

Planktonium is a photo project and a short film by Dutch photographer/cinematographer Jan van IJken about the unseen world of living microscopic plankton. It is a voyage into a secret universe inhabited by alien-like creatures. These stunningly beautiful, extremely diverse, and numerous organisms are unknown to most of us because they are invisible to the naked eye.

However, they are wandering beneath the surface in waters all around us and are of vital importance for all life on earth. Phytoplankton (small plant-like cells) produce half of all the oxygen on earth by photosynthesis, like plants and trees do on land. Zooplankton form the base of the food chain of aquatic life. Plankton also play an important part in the global carbon cycle.

30.8 x 25cm
192 pages

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