Peter Tyndall | Edited by: Annika Aitken

Maintaining a rigorous studio practice spanning 50 years, Peter Tyndall contemplates fundamental questions about image, language and the construction of meaning. For Tyndall, making art is a collective endeavour and the interconnectedness of all things is at the core of his practice. He reminds us that we are not alone, and the viewer is an active participant in the art-making process. Reflecting on his unwavering commitment to this way of seeing the world, and the process of making art, this book reveals the incredible breadth of innovation possible within the parameters Tyndall sets himself.

Celebrating Tyndall?s remarkable career and published to coincide with the artist?s first major retrospective exhibition in 2023, Peter Tyndall features new scholarship on Tyndall?s practice, spanning the artist?s paintings and drawings, correspondence art, protest banners and objects and ephemera from the artist?s experimental music group SLAVE GUITARS.

26 x 20.5cm
176 pages

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