Perfume | Teena's Bathtime | Eau de Wet Dogge by David Capra

Eau de Wet Dogge - a musky mix of moist fur, soap suds and soil, with tops notes of slobbery dogs breath!

Eau de Wet Dogge is an extension of Teena?s Bathtime, a project commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for the Jackson Bella Room. In Teena?s Bathtime, David Capra encouraged members of the public to help give his five-year-old sausage dog a wash. Inviting physical and sensory engagement, the project was informed by Capra?s interest in animal assisted therapies. Describing himself as an ?intercessory artist?, Capra looks at ways of prompting healing experiences for individuals and community. Capra explains ?there?s a fanciful element to my work, and an accessible element. The more I think about healing, I think it entails facilitating projects that give people your undivided time. I think healing will occur in those circumstances.??

To accompany this wonderful exhibit an exclusive and? limited edition of perfume ? Eau de Wet Dogge ? and air fresheners were produced. A wonderful gift for art and doggo lovers alike!?You can find the accompanying air freshener?HERE.

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Size: 13 x 9 x 2cm

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