Painting | Woolawoolang (white Plum) by Jan Baljagil Gunjaka Griffiths | Waringarri Arts

Jan Griffiths has painted Woolawoolang, the Bush Tucker we collected during and after the wet season.

Jan Baljagil Griffiths is a dedicated and prolific artist primarily working across painting, ceramics and poetry. Her work explores personal family narratives which have also included multi-media installations, fashion and photography. Jan has exhibited extensively and presented ceramic demonstrations at galleries and festivals within Australia such as the Ceramics Triennial. She was a finalist in the 2018 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA), the 2020 Indigenous Fashion Awards, and exhibited at the 2021 Indian Ocean Craft?? Triennial.

"I was born in Kununurra and I went to school in Broome. I started painting at Waringarri Arts in 2015 to carry on the stories of my parents, Peggy and Alan Griffiths - the cultural stories that were handed down to them and now to me. Both my parents are famous artists in the Kimberley but most importantly, they are my traditional teachers."

Natural Ochre and pigments on arches paper (unframed)
57 x 76.5cm
Catalogue number #6883-24

Please note: These artworks are unframed.

Jan Baljagil Gunjaka Griffiths, Woolawoolangnatural ochre and pigments on arches paper, ? Jan Baljagil Gunjaka Griffiths and Waringarri Arts

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