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Kittey Ngyalgarri Malarvie has depicted the drying and cracked mud of her mother's Country along the Sturt River. ?When we were young, my sisters and cousins would play with dried and cracked mud flats. The ?Luga? is the name we had for the dried mud flats. In the wet seasons and after a big tide on the Sturt River the water would rise on the black mud flats, as it dried it would turn crystal like salt. I like making paintings from my memories from when we were young and all together.?

Kittey was born at the gold mine - Brockman near Halls Creek. She grew up at the Ord River Station before travelling to Kununurra with her family in the early 1970s. Here she first learnt boab carving and artefact making with her mother and father to be sold through Waringarri Arts. Recently focusing on painting practice, Kittey reveals layers of meaning and story in rich ochre paintings that connect to her traditional desert Country south-west of Kununurra. Layers of circle motifs interpret the transition of the seasons and a land that is flooded and dry by turns  Painting primarily in ochres of pinks, black, greys and milky whites, the artist translates the language of her Country into the gestures and utterances of international abstraction.

Natural Ochre on paper (unframed)
77 x 58cm
Catalogue number #5714-16

Please note: These artworks are unframed.

Kittey Ngyalgarri Malarvie, Luganatural ochre and pigments on paper, ? Kittey Ngyalgarri Malarvie and Waringarri Arts

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