Only Dancing - Stephen Ormandy | Author: Lilly Wei

"Ormandy’s signature works are based on sophisticated, audacious colour juxtapositions and organic forms, inspired by art but also by the seductive curves of the human body and nature." New York-based curator and critic Lilly Wei

With decades of international recognition as one half of Dinosaur Designs, Australian artist and designer Stephen Ormandy has spent the last 15 years expanding on his personal artistic practice to further acclaim. Only Dancing is the first publication dedicated to surveying Ormandy's vibrant, large-scale oil painting and the playfulness he brings to everything he does. This latest Formist Edition is produced with a screenprinted PVC dust jacket and metallic reproductions. Only Dancing is a tactile, elegant, and slightly mischievous take on the traditional monograph — an object that catches the eye and keeps it moving, much like Ormandy's seductive paintings.

Author: Lilly Wei, Mark Gowing and Elliott Bryce Foulkes
28 x 21cm
96 pages

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