Nihilartikel | Author: Izabela Pluta

The German term?nihilartikel?is used to describe the little known practice of inserting intentional errors, falsities or fictitious entries into reference texts?for the purpose of later identifying plagiaries, copies or other infringements to intellectual copyright. Taking this somewhat elusive practice as its subtext, Izabela Pluta?s major new book approaches photography and its central quandaries of authenticity and representation from a series of unsettled and dynamic vantages.

Working in fluid collaboration with designers Paul Mylecharane and Kim Mumm Hansen, Pluta depicts the ocean and its surrounding landscapes as a fallible and contested space. Official accounts are called into question, and expanded photographic materialities, juxtapositions and graphic formalism work to fragment established systems of knowledge.

31.7 x 24cm
128 pages


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