My Generation: Young Chinese Artists | Author: Barbara Pollack

'My Generation: Young Chinese Artist's' looks at a whole new generation of artists that has emerged in China since 2000. All of these artists were born after 1976 and the end of the Cultural Revolution era; and all of them have been exposed to international art movements and increasingly liberalized education in a society undergoing rapid industrialization and globalization. Their artworks can be characterized as "post-Chinese", free of stereotypes and icons, and liberated from an East-West dichotomy.

This striking and appealing new volume presents 50 artworks by 27 of these young Chinese artists, covering all media and types of production - there are painters, video artists, installation artists, photographers, and artist collectives. Together they address issues of alienation, self-definition, cynicism, and rebellion as they examine their lives and their homeland from a global perspective.

Featured artists and collectives include Birdhead:

• Chen Wei
• Chi Peng
• Cui Jie Double Fly Art Center
• Fang Lu
• Guo Hongwei Hu Xiangqian
• Hu Xiaoyun
• Huang Ran
• Irrelevant Commission
• Jin Shan

28.0 x 24.0  x 1.91 cm


160 Pages