Monumental: The Greatest Architecture Created by Humankind | Author: Kunth Verlag

A stunning photo book featuring portraits and summaries of 169 masterpieces from 10,000-plus years of architectural history, from churches and temples, castles and caves to pyramids and palaces, walls, towers, and more!?The iridescent play of light through Gothic windows. Skyscrapers gleaming in the sun. The worn steps of a Mayan pyramid. Indian temples rich in detailed reliefs.

Presented chronologically, this organization reveals often-overlooked parallels among cultures worldwide: Who would have thought that while the Romans were discussing politics at the Forum, life was flourishing in the Mexican city of Teotihuac?n? Or that the Great Mosque of Djenn? and St. Patrick's Cathedral were built at the same time? This captivating book will take you on a global exploration of humanity's greatest architectural achievements, all of which bear witness to their time.

28.7 x 28.7cm
352 pages

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