Meowsterpieces | Author: Jenn Bailey

Meet a frisky feline family as they take inspiration from the world?s great masterpieces to learn the art of being a cat. Discover how to be adored in The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, learn how to hunt as you pore over The Night Watch by Rembrandt, gather all your courage in Under the Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai, and as a finale, enjoy the art of feasting atop a skyscraper as the cats? next adventure takes shape...

A book for art lovers, cat lovers and everyone in between, each spread features irresistible cat characters who moonlight as humans in some of the world?s best-loved images, set to a rollicking read-aloud text from picture book maven Jenn Bailey.

31.8 x 26.3cm
32 pages

Collections: KIDS, KIDS BOOKS

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