Matthys Gerber | Exhibition catalogue

Sydney artist Matthys Gerber is a deft painter who deliberately makes work in an array of contrasting styles. From photorealism to fluid abstraction, portraits and still lifes, Gerber's interests remain wide-ranging and his approach incessantly experimental.

The motif of the Rorschach reappears in his paintings in varying colours, sizes and styles that morph into different physical forms. From the canvas to the wall, the Rorschach epitomises the intentions of Gerber's work to reflect the nature of desire and the will to find figurative elements in abstract forms.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia's exhibition is the most comprehensive collection of Gerber's work ever staged in Australia to date. This beautiful slip-cased, hardcover exhibition catalogue features full colour plates, list of works and essays by MCA Senior Curator Natasha Bullock, Mitchell Cumming, Blair French and more.

Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 
Hardcover with slipcase
29.5 x 24cm
260 pages

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