Tea Towel My Life is Crap x Magda Archer

Magda Archer is a London based artist known for her humorous works of art featuring 'way-too-relatable' references. Her work is in popular demand and has been used by a variety of different companies from Commes des Garcons to British Fashion designer Jenny Packham. Her interests outside of art include terriers, aliens and space, comic book art, customising denim jackets and painting leather ones!

Designed in collaboration with Melbourne-based Third Drawer Down, this tea towel showcases the artists' signature style and while it is 100% functional in the kitchen, looks even better framed as a work of art!

Magda Archer, My Life Is Crap, 2018 © Magda Archer 2018
100% linen
50 x 67cm
Open Edition

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