Logic Puzzle | Chroma Cube

Chroma Cube is beautifully designed, vibrantly coloured and elegantly simple- but don't let its looks fool you! This logic puzzle game is devilishly addictive and will have the whole family returning time and time again to try and beat its challenging puzzles.

Use your deductive reasoning to interpret the cryptic clues on 25 unique challenge cards and determine how the colourful blocks should be arranged. Starting to become a Chroma cube master? No problem! The challenges on the cards get increasingly difficult to engage even the brainiest of 'cubers'. An object d'art in itself, made entirely of wood, Chroma cube was designed to be displayed when not being played with- making it the perfect gift for house warmings, puzzle lovers and young growing minds!

25 puzzle cards
Made entirely of wood
For 1 player
Recommended for ages 8+

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