Kids raincoat | Giraffe and mimosa | assorted sizes

Finally a way to keep dry in your favourite animal designs! Each raincoat is water resistant and features a hood and adjustable pull toggles to keep you nice and snugly dry. Fits are designed to be loose and have extra space for you to wear a backpack under the raincoat - perfect for all your adventures in the rain drenched wilderness.

Artwork by surface pattern designer Maria Vashchuk. Maria works under the name The Tiny Garden Design Studio and is based in the Netherlands. She loves exploring European cities, visiting flea markets and bookshops, observing nature, listening to birds, sampling local food and having a cup of tea or coffee in her tiny urban garden. All of these inspire the creation of her colourful simple and elegant patterns that warm hearts and make you feel at home wherever you are.

Assorted sizes available
Please view size chart for more details
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