Reef | Author: Ken Done

Spotted, dotted corals and darting, iridescent fish flicker amidst rainbow-coloured reefs. A delightful, compact book - Ken Done’s Reef is one of four books in a collectable set exploring his most iconic landscapes.

As one of the country’s favourite cultural icons, Ken Done requires no introduction. Straddling the worlds of design, illustration and fine art, his wildly evocative work captures the essence of Australia with bold strokes and bright colours. Inimitably recognisable, his striking, signature style has engaged the eye, the heart and the imagination of the Australian public for decades and continues to inspire each successive generation of art lovers, creatives and tourists.

Creative, optimistic and bold, Ken Done’s work reflects the vibrant heart of Australia and Australians.

19.0 x 14.5cm
112 Pages

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