Juvenilia | Author: Peter Milne

Conceived of as a companion volume to Peter Milne’s 2015 wildly successful publication A Day in the Life of Rowland S Howard, Juvenilia brings together a further 70 plus astonishingly fresh photographs of friends and family taken by Milne when he was a very young man.

Warm, intimate, surprising and already displaying the great compositional skills, originality and humour for which Milne is known, these images offer an unprecedented peep into mid 1970s to mid 1980s Melbourne and a milieu of people who would go on to play pivotal roles in Melbourne’s burgeoning cultural scene.

Starting in 1976 when Milne was 16, the photographs feature a dazzling cast including Gina Riley, Rowland S Howard, Anita Lane, Blixa Bargeld, Tony Clark, Polly Borland, Richard Lowenstein, Angela Howard, Ollie Olsen and Mick Harvey as well as Milne’s less famous but equally interesting friends and family. Milne’s long-time friend and fellow artist, Polly Borland contributes a tender Afterword.

23.0 x 26.0cm
88 pages

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